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Kristina Craig BandKristina Craig Band
Kristina Craig Band
New release of "I'm a Rock" has climbed to number 1 on the Inspirational Music Charts, with radio play nationwide!

Kyle KastellaniKyle Castellani
Kyle Castellani
To know Kyle better than any bio could ever say, all you have to do is really listen to his music. The words, the chords, the beat, the voice.

Marissa Ann
As a contestant on The Voice, she learned alot about the music industry especially from Christina Aguilera. Her style is pop and R&B, and she plays piano/guitar!

Harlequin RoseHarlequin Rose
Harlequin Rose
A hopeless romantic who's in love with music. Harlequin Rose is an indie pop, singer / songwriter who is inspired from all sort of genres: folk, pop, blues, & rock.

Derek AllanDerek Allan
Derek Allan
Derek has had a passion for exploring many different types of music since a young age. As a song writer, he is drawn to the sounds of modern country!

Mo HowardMo Howard
Mo Howard
Mo Howard strives to write relative song lyrics seasoned with rich passion about his faith, family, and real life experiences. His hit single, "We Will Overcome" is receiving air time on more than 32 radio stations!