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Wes Speight aka WES SP8 who is an independent singer of songs written in the form of rock experimentations, which sometimes fall into other genres such as the blues, pop and soul tribal.

Wes Speight, a Seattle singer/songwriter originally from Tennessee, has played many of the venues in Seattle WA and Nashville TN and has toured to places such as Vancouver BC, Manhattan NY, San Diego CA, Louisville KY, and Manchester TN. His music varies widely from bluesy to tribal to acoustic rock. Speight's music career began in his teens, dabbling at piano and drums. He bought his first guitar at 19 and "started writing bad songs right away." He has since become a bit of a musical virtuoso, adding harmonica, bass, synthesizer / keyboard, mandolin, and percussion to his list. He is also a creative film maker who aspires to compose the musical score for a film someday. Music, says Speight, "is my religion, my god, my savior and my reason." Speight's first album, Please EP, was released in 2008 under an independent label. Since then he has released 3 more full length albums independently: 2011's Lie & Wish, 2012's Hackneyed and 2014's Transmigration. A critically acclaimed and fast-rising talent, he will be touring in the U.S. and internationally. “There are a great many blues-rock bands in Seattle these days, but the one led by songwriter Wes Speight (often stylized "Sp8") is notable for its particularly gritty and gutty take on the genre.” - Seattle Weekly “This one man band had some help from his friends and these 13 songs are among the catchiest I have heard this year. No genre can hold Mr. Speight down as he jumps from one to the other from track to track, or even within a single song. "True Blues" is my 2nd favorite song this year. Wes you definitely put the tools to use.” - TBASA, Best of 2012: TBASA's Durgey Dozen

Kirkland, Washington

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Review by Lindsey Lindsey
Fun Performance! You sound great! Hope to catch another show soon :-)
Posted on Dec 30 2014
Review by Domenic Domenic
Nice performance, great vocals! Very entertaining show!
Posted on Dec 30 2014
Review by clistseattle clistseattle
A ton of fun! Loved reading the comments / dialog from audience & seeing performer reaction. I'd do it again for sure.
Posted on Dec 30 2014

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No Scheduled Performances

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