Frequently Asked Questions
Take a look at our frequently asked questions to help you better understand how our site works! If at any point, you have any questions that are not covered under this page you may contact us for additional assistance.

Fan FAQs
What is Fame Live?
We are a live streaming platform for performing artists and their fans to engage at almost every level! We are like an online 24 hour entertainment venue! Find new music, new talent and new opportunities here! Our artists can engage cam to cam with their fans individually or put on a show just like a concert.
How Much Does It Cost To Join?
It's absolutely free for fans to signup and there is no obligation to buy or view a show. We hope you take a look around and if you decide to view a show, you can purchase credits to either watch a paid show, or tip a deserving artist, we applaud you in supporting our performers and we truly hope you enjoy using Fame Live!
Do I Need To Be a Member To Watch?
Yes, if you would like to watch an entire show you must be registered as a fan/member and logged into your account. Some shows have limits on free preview time, while others do not. This is entirely up to the performer. If you have not purchased any credits, and the entire show is not "Free" then you will have a free preview limit, so we recommend you purchase credits in advance to watch an entire show. Depending on the show type, guests may or may not have a free limited preview of shows.
How Do I View or Access Live Shows?
When you are on our homepage, if a performer is online performing, you can access their live show by click on their image/name which takes you to their profile page. From there you can access a 'Free Show', or 'Paid Show' depending on how the performer is broadcasting. You can also visit our live cam shows page to view all the current shows happening. Note: Our homepage auto-refreshes to check performers online status, but the profile page does not. If you visit a performer profile page, but they are not performing live yet, you will have to refresh that page to see if they are online!
How Do I Pay For Shows or Send Tips?
If the show is free, you will not have to buy any credits, however tipping is highly recommended. If the show is a paid show, you will be asked to pay a fee prior to entering the show. Fans can purchase credits in advanced to watch paid shows and tip artists for great performances. Our secure credit card purchase or paypal option allows fans to feel confident their payments are safely made every time.
How Much Do Live Shows Cost To Watch?
Just like any concert, it varies. Performers determine fees for their live shows, photos and videos. Each show will be clearly marked with the credits to view the show prior to entering. Some performers elect to hold a free show, and we always recommend you tip if you enjoyed the show.
Do I Need To Download Software To Use Fame Live?
No! All you need to watch a show or video is a strong Internet connection (something at least 1 mbps or better), and a computer, tablet or phone with a browser that supports adobe flash. We are currently working on a solution for ipad/iphone users since the Safari browser does not support flash.
Can I Watch A Show / Video Using an iPad or iPhone?
Yes, you can watch a show or video using an iPad or iPhone as long as you have a browser that supports flash. There is a paid browser app called Photon that is capable of running Flash. We are currently in the process of completing our mobile version of Fame Live which will work without any Flash capable browsers. If you would like to experience Fame Live on an iPad/iPhone before our mobile site is ready, you can purchase the Photon Flash Player for iPad or iPhone. Please Note: This is a paid browser from a 3rd party. We do not support or guarantee this will work with our service.

1) Flash Player for iPad
click here

2) Flash Player for iPhone
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Can I Watch A Show / Video Using an Android Phone?
Yes, you can watch a show or video using an android Phone as long as you have a browser that supports flash. Firefox is free and supports flash. We are currently in the process of completing our mobile version of Fame Live which will work without any Flash capable browsers. If you would like to experience Fame Live using your android phone before our mobile site is ready, you can download Firefox for your phone for free.

1) Firefox for Android
click here to download firefox

Can I Get a Refund For Audio/Video Issues or Internet / Connection Issues?
If you are not able to view a paid show, or the show is choppy or the quality of the audio/video is not good, then most likely your Internet connection is not strong enough to watch live streaming shows. To watch a live show you must have a minimum download speed of 1 mbps. However, for best results, a download speed of at least 1.5 mbps is recommended. Please check with your Internet provider for further details. Since you are paying for what you watch, your account will never be charged if the performers connection is lost and/or the connection failed, so no refunds will be applied and/or necessary. Tips are also non-refundable and are given at your discretion.
I'm Having Problems Logging Into My Member Account and/or Accessing Live Shows?
Our login system is very simple to use! When registering please be sure to choose a username/password that you will remember. Click on the Login link in the navigation, enter your username, enter your password, keep the Account Type on Fan/Member, then click on the Member Login button. You will then be logged into your account. If you do not remember your password you can also reset that.