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Are you an artist that would like to pursue your dreams and earn money at the same time? Whether you are a newly emerging artist with a limited following or a true rock star with celebrity status, then Fame Live is the perfect venue for your next show! We are searching for artists and performers with original and unique content, and invite you to audition so you can start performing live! As an artist you decide how much your fans will pay for each performance -- or, if you prefer, you can do a free show and work for tips only. If you're ready to start earning money while streaming live, then we invite you to join us! It's fast and easy to get started, so submit your performer audition now!

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Fame Live allows artists to connect with fans live via video and chat! If you are a performer looking to stream live and earn money while pursuing your career, we can help! Our platform allows you to stream live -- anywhere, anytime with a computer, webcam and Internet connection!

Fame Live Performers
Fame Live is all about helping performers each step of the way. Whether you're looking for fame and fortune, or you perform just because you love to, that's great ... the choice is yours! We are committed to helping you expand your fan base -- allowing you to earn what you deserve in this business! As our network grows ... so will your opportunities! If you love to create, play and perform then we invite you to submit a performer audition now! Still not convinced? Here's a few reasons why you should use our live streaming service!

Why Fame Live?
  • Earn income performing live with ticket sales and tips.
  • Record videos and continue to earn on a per view basis.
  • Continue to earn money with our offline tip feature!
  • Affordable service fees. You only pay when you earn!
  • Perform anywhere, anytime with a computer / cam / internet.
  • We showcase performer profiles -- not only your show!!

Why Do I Need To Audition?
Simply put, we want to give the fans an experience they love so they keep coming back, again and again. Auditions are fast and easy and we welcome new talent along with seasoned professionals. We're always searching for new talent to truly showcase what Fame Live can do to help performers succeed, so please audition now!

In order to register as a performer, you must first submit a performer audition. Your audition details will be reviewed by our staff within 1-2 business days. If approved, we will send you an acceptance letter and invite you to create a performer profile. Once approved, you can start using our live streaming platform to earn money immediately. Take your first step and audition to become a performer on Fame Live and start streaming live!