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I am a country singer / songwriter!

Noël Christine (the little girl with the big voice) is an Original rising Country Music artist hailing from the historic small-town of Allegan, MI. She began singing publicly from the age of 12 at a friends birthday party. Noël went on to sing in church, high school choir, plays and talent competitions, many pageants, karaoke contests, and eventually in her own band. She has shared the stage with acts such as Justin Moore, Frankie Ballard, and Aaron Tippin, to name a few.

Noël's influences and inspiration for some of her material have been music from artists such as The Dixie Chicks, Leann Rimes, Loretta Lynn, Hank Williams Jr., Tim McGraw, and Faith Hill. More recently; Miranda Lambert, Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, Jason Aldean, Frankie Ballard, Lady A, ZBB, Colbie Caillat, A Fine Frenzy, and many more.

Noël began writing songs at the tender age of 13 when she developed romantic feelings for the first time. "I've always excelled in writing classes, and have always been a deep emotional thinker" she says, so it's no wonder why she started at an early age. She has a unique and gifted writing method where she thinks up melodies in her head and writes to them without the use of any instrument. Noël is a noted authentic songwriter and has written over 100 songs, mostly from her own life experiences and a few inspired by family or friends. Her specialty is writing lyrics, where she can make a song come to life through a meaningful story, simile imagery, and hook-filled rhymes.

Noël's music can best be described as The Dixie Chicks meet Miranda Lambert. It is feisty/passionate/honest/humorous Original Country. Think Country instruments (fiddle/steel/banjo/mandolin/harp) topped with a muliti-toned voice that is sultry and sweet yet rich and soulful. Her lyrics are always brutally honest, sometimes witty and comical, and other times tear jerking. To top it off, her melodies are memorable and unique, making way for a sure shot to earn a spot in Country Music.

Although best known for her voice, she also gives a jaw dropping performance to go along with it, which makes her stand out like a sore thumb. Her natural and energetic stage presence won't let you look away and leaves you begging for more. Even if you don't like to get up and dance, she is very fun and entertaining to watch! You can see she is passionate about what she does, and gives every bit of 110% of her heart and soul into each performance whether there are 5 or 50,000 people watching.

This ever so sweet yet feisty young lady uses her perseverance and passion for her craft to make leaps and bounds towards her goals with her music. She has said, "I just want to touch and move people's spirits, whether it's helping them through a hard time or just making them smile, laugh or dance!" Although standing out with her god given musical talent, she is still so humble and true to her "known as silly" self. "Noël is beautiful both inside and out, which is why people love her and she has a devoted following," a fan confessed to me. After being blown away by her performance and speaking with a few of her followers afterwards, I concluded that her loving down home and bubbly personality lights up a room, and when she speaks or sings from the heart, you can't help but fall in love with her and her music both.

"You'll never get what you deserve until you learn to love yourself first." -Noël Christine Quote

Nashville, Tennessee

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