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Mo Howard is a natural songwriter with deep roots in worship music. Mo Howard strives to write relative song lyrics seasoned with rich passion about his faith, family, and real life experiences.

We have tracked the music of Mo Howard in more than 50 countries. Currently his single, We Will Overcome is receiving air time on more than 32 radio stations around the U.S.

Stephenville, Texas

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User Reviews

Review by Domenic Domenic
Very inspirational music! Show was great ... awesome tunes Mo!
Posted on Nov 22 2014
Review by Lindsey Lindsey
Your music is a joy to listen to and I am happy to be a fan!
Posted on Nov 22 2014
Review by pmessick pmessick
First time watching you perform and I will definitely be back to watch again!
Posted on Nov 22 2014
Review by DonnaKCBand DonnaKCBand
Love your heart Mo and your family's
Posted on Nov 22 2014
Review by zzear zzear
Good stuff as always! Doin a Great Job Mo!
Posted on Nov 22 2014
Review by gssullivan gssullivan
Wonderful job as usual! Love Mo Howard and his amazing music!
Posted on Dec 20 2014
Review by greeves99 greeves99
Great job!
Posted on Dec 20 2014

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No Scheduled Performances

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