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We are The Paparazzi Gurlz Rap Group Recently I begin to write rap songs I always would get rhymes in my head But never really done anything with it because I always been an actress model. I am loving written and record songs

I been in modeling and acting since I was 10 years old When I first begin modeling my family wasn't to sure about it because of the obstacles I have over come Well I started hearing ads on the radio about an agency looking for new faces At first my family wasn't to sure that would be the right thing for me Well I kept asking to go to the audition for the agency finally my family said on the way to the audition if it will work out it will work out if not then it won't. Well right during the modeling audition a agent called in to the agency describing a girl who looked like me . and we were thinking is this a joke Well the next day the agent call me and ask if could come be on the front cover of Finger Hut MagazineFor a family baroque scene photo shoot And I was paidI have been through modeling and acting school. I am signed to a agency in Toronto Canada My message is to never give up on your dreams

Mesa, Arizona

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To all my fans and friends, thanks for your support and thanks for looking at my schedule! I will be performing on Fame Live the dates listed below. You can click on the dates for more details about the show. Hope you can join me!

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