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I'm a singer/songwriter from Long Island. I was a contestant on The Voice Season 3 who learned a lot about the music industry from Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton. My style is pop and R&B. I also play piano and guitar! I hope you enjoy my music

MarissaAnn is a multi talented singer/songwriter from Long Island, New York. Having survived a rare liver disease that resulted in a liver transplant from her dad at six (6) months old, she truly believes that she can communicate strong messages of hope and healing through her music.

Beginning with voice lessons at age 6, then various local gigs and school plays, through her most recent experience on NBC TV’s The Voice, MarissaAnn has been sharing her talents with the world.

What makes MarissaAnn’s vocal talents absolutely unique is her ability to effortlessly jump octaves and execute runs –not in the interest of simply showcasing her technical prowess, but rather her voice as uniquely expressive for any lyric/melody. What sets her apart as a songwriter is her ability to create a profoundly moving experience for the listener through her lyrics.

MarissaAnn is currently in the studio, writing and recording original songs with The Loft Sound Studio.

Long Island, New York

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Review by Lindsey Lindsey
Such a beautiful voice! I'm blown away by the performance!
Posted on Dec 21 2014
Review by Domenic Domenic
Ok, wow seriously...what an amazing singer! Can't wait until your next performance!
Posted on Dec 21 2014

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To all my fans and friends, thanks for your support and thanks for looking at my schedule! I will be performing on Fame Live the dates listed below. You can click on the dates for more details about the show. Hope you can join me!

No Scheduled Performances
No Scheduled Performances

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