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Kyle is a singer/songwriter from Los Angeles.

Kyle Castellani has always felt that music is the truest form of expression. To know him better than any bio could ever say, all you have to do is really listen to his music. The words, the chords, the beat, the voice. All these components interweave to tell a different story in every song, always managing to promote thought and tug on the heart strings.

La Crescenta, California

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User Reviews

Review by Domenic Domenic
You have an awesome voice man! Looking forward to catching your upcoming shows! You've got a new fan here!
Posted on Dec 03 2014
Review by JCamden JCamden
Amazing as always! Stellar job, Kyle!
Posted on Dec 22 2014
Review by jodo jodo
Awesome show!
Posted on Dec 22 2014
Review by parisinla parisinla
I'd watch Kyle any time any where.
Posted on Dec 22 2014
Review by jodo jodo
Awesome show!
Posted on Dec 22 2014
Review by producerdoug producerdoug
Awesome show!
Posted on Dec 22 2014
Review by PseudoBromance PseudoBromance
Awesome show!
Posted on Dec 22 2014
Review by Valerie1990 Valerie1990
Awesome show!
Posted on Dec 22 2014
Review by Guerrilla Guerrilla
Amazing show. Excellent sound quality. Great performer! Kyle's talent is superb.
Posted on Dec 22 2014
Review by TPryor86 TPryor86
Awesome show!
Posted on Dec 22 2014
Review by Lindsey Lindsey
Great show! Can't wait for the next one!
Posted on Dec 22 2014
Review by HipDawnie HipDawnie
such a great evening once i realized i couldn't watch it on my iPhone and fired up the laptop!!
Posted on Dec 22 2014
Review by AndyJoeCool AndyJoeCool
Good show. Some audio peaks, but nothing sounded "bad". It was a cool look inside to him playing guitar at home.
Posted on Dec 22 2014

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To all my fans and friends, thanks for your support and thanks for looking at my schedule! I will be performing on Fame Live the dates listed below. You can click on the dates for more details about the show. Hope you can join me!

No Scheduled Performances
No Scheduled Performances

We're sorry, but Kyle Castellani has not added any scheduled performances yet!

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