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Nashville based singer/songwriter with a diverse sound and extensive performance history.

Heather Cohen was born in the Saint Joseph, MO, which is best known in history as the place where Jesse James was shot and killed in his home. Like Jesse James, her spirit was restless. From a very early age, she knew that her destiny was in music and entertainment. She made her first bold attempt to make her mark at the tender age of 18, when she moved to LA to take acting classes and pursue her modeling/acting career. It didn’t take long for her to figure out that Hollywood was not the place for her. In 2000, Heather recorded her first demo in her hometown and began sending out press kits to various labels and managers in Nashville, TN. The first person to respond to her was Dick Frank, the same Dick Frank who found Shania Twain in Canada many moons ago. In her first phone conversation with Mr. Frank, he told her that she needed to move to Nashville if she wanted to have a career in country music. He said that she would have to be “present to win”. Heather took his words very seriously and began making arrangements to move. Armed with her press kit, she finally moved to Nashville in 2001. But, with a small child, pursuing a career in music would be a little more challenging for her than others. Her first job in Nashville was as a singer at the infamous Lonnie’s Western Room in Printer’s Alley. Heather was grateful for the opportunity to sing for people and make money doing it. In one years time, she accomplished more than most do in a lifetime. Through networking, she was able to make connections with several well-known artists and writers who were eager to help her. She was also privileged enough to get the chance to spend time recording with a very respected producer at the Magic Mustang/Broken Bow Studio. But, these experiences weren’t paying the bills and Heather made the hard choice to return home to Missouri almost exactly one year from the time that she had arrived. In 2006, Heather ran into an old friend at a festival in her hometown. That “old friend” was no other than Keith Anderson. Heather, who was there with her daughter, was standing outside of the tour bus waiting for the show to begin when Keith and his guitar player (Bob Hatter) walked off of the bus and straight up to her. Bob had played guitar for Heather during her stay in Nashville and had recognized her through the bus window. Her daughter’s jaw dropped to the floor when Keith said, “Heather?” They stood there talking for about fifteen minutes and that conversation was what prompted her long awaited return to Nashville. “You need to be there (in Nashville), Heather. You are wasting your talent here,” Keith said while looking intensely into her eyes. That was all it took. Six months later, she was back. Nashville welcomed her with open arms and she never felt so sure that this was where she belonged. Things seemed to be going her way, until February 29, 2008. On that day, the ground slipped out from beneath her feet when her mother was killed in a head on collision. She rushed back home to be by her side in her final moments. She sang “Wind Beneath My Wings” in her ear and, after that, she didn’t sing again for 2 years. Finally, after a deep dark depression, she decided that it was time to get back to living. In 2010, she teamed up with local musician/producer Steve Rutledge to record a six song EPK. The pair co-wrote three of the six songs. The remaining three were provided to her by her friend, Jason Deere. Deere co-wrote the songs with Gretchen Wilson, Johanna Smith and Paisley Van Patten. Currently, Heather spends her time studying for her Bachelor’s Degree in Music Production, writing and co-writing, performing in local venues and caring for her family. She never hesitates to volunteer her time and talent. After the notorious Nashville flood, Heather could be found around town getting her feet wet and helping the victims clean up. She collaborated with fellow musicians in the area to create the “Anchor of Hope” and raised money for flood victims as well as the family of the missing Tennessee woman, Holly Bobo. Her compassion for others has often times led her to organize and host fundraising events. Heather’s story is one of perseverance and faith. She has spent the majority of her time since her mother’s death reflecting and rebuilding her life from the inside out. Music has been her refuge as well as her outward expression of her innermost thoughts and desires. She is as deep and diverse as the life she has lived.

Nashville, Tennessee

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Review by Domenic Domenic
Awesome show and amazing voice!
Posted on Nov 29 2014

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