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Elinor Sitrish is an an Israeli singer-songwriter who is currently located in L.A.

Elinor Sitrish Elinor was born in Dimona, Israel. From a very young age, she had an affinity for music and began singing and writing songs. At the age of 9, Elinor won second place in a talent contest at a festival in her home town.

Inspired by many great artists and singers, Elinor explored a variety of musical styles. She began taking singing lessons with well known professionals in the music industry from a very young age and began to perform with other musicians and bands in shows around Israel, Europe and the United States.

People everywhere respond dramatically to Elinor’s musical performance, whether in studios or on stages.

Currently she is working on an album which includes original works, composed in her uniquely beautiful style.

Van-Nuys, California

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Review by Domenic Domenic
You have an amazing voice Elinor, can't wait to watch your next live performance!
Posted on Dec 08 2014

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To all my fans and friends, thanks for your support and thanks for looking at my schedule! I will be performing on Fame Live the dates listed below. You can click on the dates for more details about the show. Hope you can join me!

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