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Performers audition now and start performing live! Our live streaming platform allows musicians, singers and dancers to earn money while performing live shows for fans. Please provide all information that is requested. Your information is not shared or disclosed to any 3rd parties. By submitting an audition, you have read, understand and agree to our privacy policy and website terms of use.

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Frequently Asked Questions Have Questions? Take a look at some of the audition faqs prior to auditioning.

Audition FAQs
Please take a look at the faqs before you audition.
What Is Fame Live Streaming / Broadcasting?
Fame Live provides a live streaming platform for Artists to engage with their fans and earn money while performing live! Musicians, singers and dancers now have the opportunity to host a live show from home or perform at a studio/venue just like a concert. The only difference is you can broadcast your performance nationwide. We are an online 24 hour entertainment venue! Fame Live is the place to find new music, new talent and new opportunities!
What Equipment / Hardware Do I Need To Perform?
In order to use our service, you will need the following:

1) Desktop / Laptop Computer
You will need a desktop/laptop computer with at least 4GB of Memory. You will also need a browser that is capable of running Adobe Flash. Our platform supports the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, and IE.

2) Webcam
We recommend that you use an HD external webcam. Some internal cams will work, while others do not.

3) Microphone
For best sound quality, we recommend that you use an external microphone.

4) Internet
Your Internet connection must have an upload speed of at least 2 MBPS.
How Long Does It Take To Submit My Audition?
The audition process should only take you a few minutes to complete. Our goal is to review submissions daily but it make take up to 2 business days to review your audition. Typically this will come in an email response or we may possibly request a phone interview to discover more specifics about your qualifications. If we really like your audition we will also showcase you as a "Featured Performer" which will expose you to many more fans! If you are declined we will give our best effort to give you any feedback we deem helpful in allowing you to audition again at a later date. Please note that we review submissions in the order we receive them, so submit your audition now! You could be approved as fast as an hour or two but typically in no longer than 2 business days you will get a response via email, or perhaps a phone call if we need more details.
How and Where Do I Submit a Performer Audition?
All of our auditions are done online! You don't have to fly anywhere, or wait in long lines! This is a virtual performer audition for musicians, singers and dancers to start earning money. If approved, we will help setup your account so you can start performing and earning money with our live broadcasting / streaming platform almost immediately.
Am I Guaranteed Approval When I Submit An Audition?
Unfortunately, no ... all performers are not approved.
What Criteria Is Considered During The Audition Process?
Talent and originality is the main criteria that is considered when we review and approve auditions. Other factors include things such as:

1) Experience
Do you have any experience performing live?

2) Originality
We only accept Artist that have original material. That means no cover songs or material that has been written by someone else.

3) Marketing
Do you currently market yourself using social media or any other outlets?

4) Fanpages / Website
How serious are you about your career? Do you have a website? Have you established a Facebook fan page or a Twitter account to attract fans or create opportunities to further your career or expand you fan base?

Performers who have an existing fan base and or live performance experience will be more strongly considered but it isn't necessary. Again talent is the main criteria.
If My Audition Is Approved What's The Next Step?
Performers who are approved will be given access to our platform to create a profile! We will ask you to register, create a performer profile and we will provide you with the opportunity to perform for your fans. Your profile includes things such as a bio/description, photos, videos, and schedule.
How Do Performers Earn Money Using Fame Live?
Performers have the ability of setting their own rates for tickets/credits on all paid shows or they can decide to perform a free show and work for tips only. Fans can send tips during free or paid shows and they can also send offline tips! Performers can also continue to earn revenue on past performances by recording/uploading paid videos. We take a small percentage of each fan to performer transaction. In exchange, we handle all of the live streaming costs, video storage allocation, credit card processing fees, customer service and billing!
Are There Any Setup / Monthly Fees To Use Fame Live?
There are no monthly fees to use our live streaming service. If your audition is approved, we charge a one time setup fee of:

$99.95 FREE (Expires 7/15/15)

The setup fee includes 1 hour of technical support / assistance with setting up your account. This fee also covers the cost and time that it takes to review your submission.