About Us
About FameLive.com

Fame Live is the ultimate live streaming platform for Artists to perform and showcase their talent! Audiences nationwide can watch a live show by connecting to any laptop, screen or computer nearby. Our Founders have always had a passion for music and entertainment. One of our first online properties was created in the late 90s, and is still a thriving entertainment community. Fame Live is one of our newest developments and is a true HD live streaming experience that gives audiences pure entertainment -- anytime, anywhere! We're auditioning new Artists daily and showcasing their talent to America! Check out our Musicians, Dancers and Singers as they perform live for fans!

About Our Service
Fame Live gives performers and fans a place to integrate face to face for a true back stage experience, either cam to cam or via chat, fans and artists can always engage for the ultimate live experience. Whether you are a fan or a performer we invite you to join Fame Live! We give performers an opportunity to earn well deserved money along with a chance to find fame.

For The Fans
Browse performer profiles to discover new talent, sample past performances, request favorite songs and even request a private show or interview. One place, one platform to give people everything they want to see and know about artists and watch them perform! Become a fan today to watch your favorite artists performing live!

For The Artists
We're committed to helping artists promote their talent and further their careers by giving them the tools they need to entertain and earn money.

Artist Benefits
  • Build a personalized profile with photos and videos
  • Connect with current fans and build a larger fanbase
  • Earn income performing live shows for fans anytime

If you are a performer looking for an opportunity to pursue your career, please submit an audition and join us!

Our Mission
Whether you are a fan or an artist we invite you to join Fame Live because we are all about opportunity! We give performers an opportunity to earn well deserved money along with a chance to find fame. We offer fans entertainment and a place to interact, 1-on-1 with their favorite entertainer from just about anywhere!